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    A downloadable version of the catering menu can be found here. (warning, it is a large file!)

    Policies and Information
    When reserving your function space, please provide us
    with an approximate umber of guests.
    The Colorado Grill will order and prepare food, and
    schedule staff in advance of your function.  A
    guaranteed number of guests for your function must be
    given 48 hours in advance.  If no guaranteed number is 
    provided to us, then your approximate number
    becomes your guaranteed count.

    A service charge of 15% will be added to all groups
    paying on one bill.  A service charge of 18% will be
    added to all groups paying separately.  All banquets
    and parties need to be paid in full the day of the event.

    All laws regarding alcohol purchase and consumption
    will be enforced.  We reserve the right to refuse service
    to anyone.  No alcoholic beverages may be brought to
    any event at The Colorado Grill.  One exception, bottles
    of wine may be brought in with approval.
    A corking fee of $10 per bottle will be added.

    For more questions or to make  a reservation, call
    or email